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From 6th CD "Djinn" (2008, French fairy-world label Prikosnovenie), "Fai" alludes to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare through whimsy of a dreaming cat. Norse ribbon Gleipnir was crafted by dwarfs from the sound of a walking cat. When Mohammed saw his cat Muezza asleep on his robe, he cut a sleeve in respect. As 17th century Seine flooded in Spring, one cat became so popular scooping fish, Parisians named a street after him: the Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche. From Egyptian Sekhmet & Bastet, to Royal Cats of Siam; Welsh King Hywel Dda, to Japanese elopers Koma & Gon; Mityan of the Wotjobaluk, to jaguar guards of the Mayans; Puss n Boots to Bagheera, Aslan & the Cheshire Cat… these are the emirs of dreams.


How now, o’ spirit! Whither wander you?
Over thine hills, over yonder dale
On through the bushes, on, on through the briar;
Over park, over pale, through flood, through fire
I do wander… everywhere,
Swifter than the Moon!
(yes, even the Orb’s sphere!)
Here… Hear
Bring your fey favours, loll in sweet sloth;
Sleek Midnight savours, vapours of the broth
Oberon blinks bees, passing fell an’ wrath –
Hang a pearl in every ear!
There’s a changeling in the Moon!
And your Dream Cat taps the Loom
And she’s here,
Black Djinn spins near
And she’s far,
dancing with stars….
...with stars


released October 10, 2008
Allusion to Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream".
Lyrics, Melodies 1983-2008 Mark Krol, Louisa John-Krol
& cats, Djinn & Dulcinea.
Arrangement, production, mixing: Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts, Cooromandel Valley, South Australia.
- Louisa John-Krol: vocals, mandolin, wood ocarina, Tibetan Shanti chimes, Koori firesticks, xylophone, Peruvian shakers, bells.
- Brett Taylor: piano, bass, dulcimer, marimba, E-bow, accordion,
electronics, effects, darabouka, tabla.
- Samantha Taylor: flute, piccolo, recorder, wood train, seed umbrella, bell tree.
- Skye Taylor: rainbow whistle, clay ocarina, butterfly tambourine.
- Liam Taylor: dulcimer, wizardry, Mexican rainstick.



all rights reserved


Louisa John-Krol Australia

Louisa is an Australian singer, composer, writer & faery storyteller who has released many albums of ethereal music on indie labels, primarily in France. She's completing a fantasy series, The Elderbrook Chronicles, with a soundtrack.

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