The Fountains of Alderbee

by Louisa John-Krol

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Part of a soundtrack to The Elderbrook Chronicles. Alderbee is a water-city with Singing Fountains.


Once upon a time in a land beneath a dream
Fountains learned the song of a Faery sea
Echoing laughter glimmering in their gleam
Run, run an’ row to the City of Alderbee!

Would you be an imp on the barge of a water-street?
Sail into a shell with the memory of a leaf?
Listen down, listen long, to the Lorelei of the deep,
Shimmer oh shingle, nymph an’ nixie ‘neath...

From the waterfall to the lake of Antiquity
Songpool flow, awaken Lemurian trees,
Come, come along with the paladin of the free
Can, can you hear the fountains of Alderbee?


released October 18, 2014
lyrics & melody by Louisa John-Krol 2010 - 2011;
lead vocals, sansula, mandolin: Louisa John-Krol - Australia;
harp: Kelly Miller-Lopez (Woodland, Treguenda) - USA;
bansouri, chameleau: Priscilla Hernandez (Yidneth) - Spain;
backing vocals: Kelly Miller-Lopez & Priscilla Hernandez, ibid;
production (editing, effects, mixing) / co-arrangement: Brett Taylor, Pilgrim Arts,
Coromandel Valley, South Australia;
(except for Louisa’s lyrics, recorded by Jack Setton at Mad Cat sound, Oakleigh, Australia).



all rights reserved


Louisa John-Krol Australia

Louisa is an Australian singer, composer, writer & faery storyteller who has released many albums of ethereal music on indie labels, primarily in France. She's completing a fantasy series, The Elderbrook Chronicles, with a soundtrack.

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